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Clever Hans

Clever Hans: The True Story of the Counting, Adding, and Time-Telling Horse

Clever Hans, illustrated by Mike Lowery, published by G.P. Putnam’s Sons May 5, 2020.



The True Story of the Counting, Adding, and Time-Telling Horse.

Clever Hans was a horse who could do math problems, tell time, read, spell, and more . . . or could he? 


Even after seeing Hans answer questions correctly, some people thought it must be a hoax. Scientists began to investigate.


Eventually, one scientist had a groundbreaking “aha!” moment and realized Hans was clever in a way no one had even imagined. 


Turns out Hans was so smart, he changed science!



A Junior Library Guild Selection


“A rollicking science mystery, with observations resulting in twists and turns.” –Publishers Weekly


”Kokias’ clear, accessible tone pairs well with Lowery’s cartoon style. The comically smiling horse invites readers in, and intermittent paneled frames help organize the flow of information and visually propel the storytelling arc. Clever, indeed.” –Kirkus 

“Budding horse fans, history fans, and science fans will all find something here to pique their interests.” –Booklist


"I don’t think it’s ridiculous at all to suggest that this book pretty much has it all.” –Betsy Bird blogging for the School Library Journal 


Available wherever books are sold.

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